Hazardous Spills Products

Biohazard spills are not only unpleasant to deal with - they can be highly infectious if not cleaned and disposed of correctly. GV Health offer a comprehensive range of biohazard spill kits and packs which enable specialist and non-specialist staff to clean up spillages of blood, urine and vomit safely and effectively.

GV Health biohazard spill kits and packs were jointly developed with the UK National Health Service and hold the official NHS Supply Chain contracts in this category.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, durable, hard-sided, high-visibility kit case with wall mounting bracket for portability, high visibility and easy on site storage
  • Comprehensively equipped with tools, PPE, spill neutralisation agent and healthcare disinfectant
  • All-you-need one time use pack for a single blood or urine/vomit spill
  • Certified to World Health Organisation, UK Health and Safety Executive and UK Department of Health standards
  • Detailed, illustrated, laminated instruction sheets
  • Refills available
  • Available from a range of suppliers including Amazon and NHS Supply Chain

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blue-crossBodily Fluids Spill Kit (Mini)

blue-crossBodily Fluids Spill Kit (Standard)

blue-crossBiohazard Spill Kit (10 Spills)

blue-crossBiohazard Spill Kit (25 Spills)

blue-crossBlood Spill Pack

blue-crossUrine & Vomit Spill Kit

blue-crossUrine & Vomit Spill Pack

blue-crossBiocide Absorbent Granules

blue-crossSoChlor™ NaDCC Granules


Still can't find exactly what you need? Don't give up - we can customise kits to meet specific needs! Contact us now to discuss your biohazard spill requirements.