Acute Healthcare Solutions

GV Health delivers a complete portfolio of waste management, spillage handling and infection control solutions for acute hospitals and healthcare providers. Our waste bags, environmental and surface disinfectants and wipes, spill clean-up packs, instrument disinfectants and biohazard containment kits enable users to deliver safer and more hygienic healthcare environments. Our knowledge and expertise ensures you can meet or exceed targets for patient safety, staff protection, environmental contamination and pollution while achieving the highest levels of service delivery. Products for acute hospital and healthcare providers conform to all applicable international World Health Organisation (WHO), UK National Health Service (NHS), Department of Health (DH), British Standards Institution (BSI) and US Federal Government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. GV Health is a contract supplier of waste bags, spill kits and chlorine based environmental disinfection solutions to the NHS.

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Waste Management

With one of the largest ranges in the UK, GV Health provide a one-stop shop for all your clinical waste bags, sacks and liners for healthcare waste. GV Health are the innovation leaders for Tiger Stripe bags which has seen the Offensive Waste stream grow from 5% to 75% of acute healthcare waste in the UK in the last 7 years. Our bags meet or exceed the required PIRA and UN certification, our stock levels are among the highest in the UK and we operate a flexible, fast delivery service to ensure that you never run out of clinical waste bags.

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Sterilising Solutions

GV Health sterilisation products provide high level cleaning, sterilisation and disinfection of medical instruments and equipment used in acute healthcare. Innovative peracetic acid active oxygen based granular formulations with enzymatic additives offer wide microbiological activity and are appropriate for use on endoscopes, non-invasive medical devices, medical equipment, surgical instruments and surfaces. Approved by leading instrument and endoscope makers Karl Storz, Olympus and Honer.

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Environmental Hygiene

Environmental hygiene plays a direct role in the transmission of healthcare associated infections. GV Health SoChlor provides the highest efficacy and performance for surface and environmental disinfection. Acute hospitals worldwide are switching to SoChlor because of its class leading low odour chlorine based formulation and our unique residue prevention technology. SoChlor solutions can be combined with our wet wipe system to create one of the highest efficacy wet wipes on the market.

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Patient Safety

GV Health are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and suppliers of disposable polythene tabards and aprons for acute healthcare use. Innovations include high visibility biodegradable red 'Drug Round' tabards and extra long, non-slip, latex free disposable paediatric aprons for the safe handling of newborns. Our world-leading range of all-in-one personal protection, containment and disinfection kits provide emergency protection for first responders and were used extensively in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak.

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Spillage Containment

GV Health are the leaders in spillage containment for acute healthcare. Our market-leading range of all-in-one spill packs and kits ensure you have the most advanced formulations for clearing up and disinfecting each spillage along with the required tools, protective equipment and disposal container and clear, illustrated directions. We supply kits for all common healthcare spillages including biohazards such as blood, vomit and urine, laboratory and other chemicals, oncology and cytotoxic drugs. 

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