Environment & Sustainability

Our Duty of Care

GV Health recognises its duty of care to the environment. We proactively seek ways to ensure the processes used during manufacturing and delivery to customers are as environment friendly and sustainable as possible, given the nature of the products and services we supply. As a manufacturer and supplier for healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, care and nursing homes, GV Health has a duty of care to its customers to ensure the products we supply help them to fulfil their primary duty of care to patients. In addition we have primary duties of care in the manufacturing, distribution processes and supporting activites we undertake to the environment and sustainability .

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Safer Materials & New Technologies in Manufacture

As a manufacturer of polythene and plastic based products we are working extremely hard to introduce more environmentally kind items while continuing to meet the stringent patient safety requirements of healthcare providers. We are developing new manufacturing techniques and material blends, using recycled material in our products where possible, and have a goal of moving toward closed-loop supply chain. In addition, we are introducing biodegradable material to a wider number of our product ranges.

Innovative Solutions & Techniques

Reducing the shelf life of waste is another important method we are pioneering to help the environment we live in. Not only does this enable all landfill waste to degrade and break down faster but also helps protect habitats such as marine life in the event of leakage into the environment.  Other important initiatives we have introduced include:

  • Advancing manufacturing techniques in blending and extrusion to reduce use of raw material
  • Increased percentage of recycled material in all lines from aprons to clinical waste bags
  • Making products such as aprons & tabards fully biodegradable
  • Reducing packaging for all lines and substituting green packaging when possible
  • Training and educating customers in waste streaming to improve waste management for the environment
  • Improving recycling and ensuring compliance to prevent incorrect disposal

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Carbon Neutrality

Healthcare requirements, available raw materials and manufacturing technologies currently mean that the use of plastics in healthcare waste is not going away completely in the foreseeable future.

In addition to implementing changes to our manufacturing, production and distribution processes, we use our specialist knowledge to help customers use techniques such as waste streaming and sortation to minimise waste placed in non-biodegradable containers and to reduce overall volumes of waste requiring specialist processing and handling. We train staff to understand the importance of waste streams and provide systems to make it easy to always select the most appropriate waste container.

At Home

All GV Health premises have sortation for waste recycling. Our buildings have sensor systems that ensure heating and lighting is used efficiently to reduce energy waste.

GV Health supports charities including GreenSeas.org and the Woodland Trust.

Our Suppliers

We are working with all our suppliers to ensure they adopt more mindful environmental strategies.

We can do a lot, but we can’t do it alone…

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