SoChlor Desinfektionswischtücher

SoChlor Disinfectant Wipes
SoChlor Disinfectant Wipes
SoChlor Disinfectant Wipes
SoChlor Disinfectant Wipes

Product details

MFBSB3 - SoChlor™ Wipes dispenser
MFBSRS - SoChlor™ Wipes refill
MFB256 - SoChlor™ Detergent Sanitising Tablets

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SoChlor™ Wipes are designed for impregnation with SoChlor™ disinfectant solutions for the rapid and easy disinfection and cleaning of surfaces and medical devices. The wipes are made of high quality, lint-free non-woven material. Due to their cross-linked woven structure SoChlor™ Wipes are outstandingly hard-wearing and tear-resistant.

SoChlor™ Wipes are designed to be used with SoChlor™ DST disinfectant and cleaning solution made from tablet dilution. The non-woven material ensures the exact release of the disinfection solution and guarantees a perfect and even wetting of surfaces to be disinfected.

Unique Dispenser System

SoChlor™ Wipes are taken from a specially designed dispenser bucket by pulling them through an easy to use, resealable dispensing system. The system guarantees constant protection of the working solution from contamination and evaporation. Once impregnated with SoChlor™ DST, the wipes retain full efficacy for 10 days.

  • Disinfectant & Cleaning Detergent in one wipe
  • Ensures excellent release of active ingredients
  • Safe & stable for storage & transport
  • Economical


Order CodeDescriptionSpecification / Available NaDCC per tabletQuantity
MFBSB3 SoChlor™ Wipes Dispenser  Standard 20 per box
MFBSRS SoChlor™ Wipes refill  70 wipes per roll 3 rolls per box
MFB256 SoChlor™ Detergent Sanitising Tablets 1.7g/1.02g 100 Tablets per pot / 6x pots per case
MFB294 SoChlor™ Detergent Sanitising Tablets 1.7g/1.02g 200 Tablets per pot / 6x pots per case
MFB257 SoChlor™ Diluter Diluter bottle 1 litre with lid for use with MFB256, MFB294


US EPA laboratory approved 4 minute C. difficile spore kill time. Conforms to UK Department of Health, HPA and WHO guidelines for use on blood and for general environmental cleaning

Active ingredient: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC), also known as Troclosene Sodium

Certified with test standards: BS:EN1650; BS:EN1276; BS:EN13697; BS:EN13704

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