Infection Control Tape

Infection Control Tape

Product details

CS21000 - GV Health Infection Control Tape, 37.5mm wide, 1 box containing 42 rolls.

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Call 01920 463098

GV Health Infection Control Tape is a self-adhesive tape for zone marking. Designed for use before, during and after area and equipment cleaning to restrict entry, provide details of the cleaning and infection control processes undertaken and a visual confirmation procedures have been completed. Tape can be used to mark areas which need cleaning and sanitisation and attached to items of equipment.

Tape is non-marking and leaves no sticky residue. The adhesive characteristics are similar to ‘post-it' notes. Details of the processes undertaken can be recorded on the tape by the cleaner or supervisor to inform ward staff.


Printed text can be specified by the organisation and can include the hospital or trust name, cleaning company logo and space for information such as the date and time of cleaning, type of cleaning process, materials used and the cleaner's or supervisor's names.