Patient Care Pack

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Product details

MRB614 - Patient Care Pack, Single
MRB615 - Patient Care Pack, 5 including tray

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Please note: This product has been discontinued. For information about Patient Admission Packs please click here.

An economical and effective solution for patients unable to provide basic personal hygiene and body care items on admission to hospitals and clinics. Emergency admissions now make up 35% of total UK hospital admissions. Increasing numbers of patients don't have basic personal hygiene and body care items on arrival. Patient Care Packs address patient personal hygiene and infection control needs. Patient Care Packs are also suitable for patients looking for ways to improve hygiene in their immediate environment in order to protect themselves from Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAIs).

Pack Contents

  • Active anti-bacterial skin cleansing wipes (2 packs, 10 wipes per pack) - provides immediate and residual broad spectrum antimicrobial activity whilst gently moisturising the skin
  • Anti-Microbial Hand Sanitising Mousse (1 x 50ml) - leaves an effective
    barrier for long-lasting protection
  • Waterless Bathing Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap (1 cap) - offers a practical solution that reduces laundry bills and saves valuable nursing time
  • Antibacterial Bodywash (1 x 250 ml) - Soap-free bodywash to cleanse,
    deodorise and gently disinfect the skin

For free distribution and/or retail sale

GV Health Patient Care Packs are attractively styled and presented making them popular with patients. They can be distributed free to patients or placed on sale at retail outlets such as hospital shops, pharmacies, cafes and reception points.

Fully Customisable

Pack contents can be modified to meet specific clinic and hospital requirements and unique branding can be included. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.