SoChlor™ Aqua Granules

GV Health is pleased to announce the unveiling of new SoChlor™ Aqua Granules. The product launch takes place at Arab Health 2015.

SoChlor™ Aqua Granules are a high level, broad spectrum disinfectant for use at wells, standpipes, tanker trucks and other locations to provide clean, safe drinking water.

Every year, unsafe water, coupled with a lack of basic sanitation, kills at least 1.6 million children under the age of five (WHO/UNICEF, 2006). According to the World Health Organization diarrhoea related diseases account for 4.3% of total global diseases, with 88% of cases ascribed to unsafe drinking-water.

The need for a robust, affordable, easy to use and guaranteed quality drinking water purification system was identified through GV Health's collaboration with organisations working in Ebola affected areas in West Africa. GV Health are equipping many aid organisations and government health ministries with PPE Kits and healthcare disinfectants, including the British Army's Ebola Task Force.

Using the company's expert knowledge of healthcare disinfection processes SoChlor™ Aqua Granules were formulated and manufactured to exacting standards in record time. SoChlor™ Aqua Granules dissolve within a few minutes and provide pure, clear drinking water within 30 minutes. A wide range of micro-organisms present in the water are killed to prevent dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera and other water borne diseases.

For more information please visit the SoChlor™ Aqua Granules page on our website.