GV Health donates amenity packs to refugees

In response to appeals from a number of charities GV Health is donating 11,500 amenity packs to help migrants in the current Europe-wide refugee crisis. The packs are currently being distributed through a number of charities.

To date amenity packs have been supplied to seven charities and have been delivered to refugee camps in Calais and other European countries. National charities which have received donations of kits include In Kind Direct, Emergency Aid 4 Refugees and The Syrian Refugee Appeal. We are also supporting Hertford to Calais Help the Refugees, a local charity based near our Ware headquarters.

Other charities working directly with migrants looking for assistance are invited to contact us.

Amenity packs include basic personal care items including soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, combs and shaving kit as well as hygienic hand wipes. Charities working with refugees have highlighted an urgent need for these types of basic personal care items.

Aztek Logistics

aztek logoWe are delighted to acknowledge the support of our logistics partner Aztek Logistics Ltd, who have delivered a number of pallets of amenity packs to charities on our behalf free of charge. We thank them for their kind support.