GV Health Focus on Affordability at IPS

In response to widespread concerns about NHS budgets, leading infection control specialist GV Health is focusing on affordabilty with its advanced disinfectants, wipes, PPE packs and infectious waste disposal products during the IPS annual conference and exhibition this week.

With two thirds of NHS healthcare providers forecasting a deficit this year according to the Kings Fund, Infection Prevention (IP) leaders need to seek out the most cost effective products and techniques to maintain the low levels of HAIs (Healthcare Associated Infections) which have been achieved over the past few years.

GV Health provide the UK's most competitively priced, state-of-the-art, soluble chlorine based disinfectant, SoChlor DST 1.7g 200 tablet pot, available through NHS Supply Chain. This will shortly be joined on NHSSC by SoChlor TAB 2.5g 200 tablet pot. IPS delegates can see both these alongside new SoChlor Spray Diffusers, an innovative diluter with specially designed spray nozzle to improve safety and make it easier to use and more economical.

SoChlor Wipes, the unique dispenser system for impregnating and activating sporicidal wipes with 4 min MRSA kill time on-site, will also be on view at IPS. On-site activation of sporicidal wipes reduces packaging, distribution costs and waste. Rounding out the SoChlor range at IPS is the SoChlor TAB 0.5g foil strip, a portable, safe and convenient chlorine disinfectant tablet that ensures IP teams have economic access to small amounts of high quality disinfectants.

Used correctly, soluble chlorine disinfectants are the economical, safe and effective choice for IP teams looking to minimise HAIs. The new generation of soluble chlorine, of which SoChlor is the leading example, overcome many of the traditional objections to chlorine including high odour levels, harshness and rapid degradation associated with liquid chlorines and older tablet forms. GV Health Online e-Learning provides a thorough understanding of the latest infection prevention and control practices and procedures. The course is suitable for medical, nursing and ancilliary staff as well as for those working in administrative functions.

Disposing of infectious waste can be very expensive due to the high cost of incineration. Introducing an 'Offensive Waste' channel reduces waste disposal costs by up to 60%. GV Health's waste audit service has successfully helped many trusts implement an offensive waste channel by identifying the most cost effective channels for different waste types. GV Health also supply the market leading Tiger Stripe waste bags used for offensive waste, available through NHS Supply Chain.

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Packs are a safe, affordable solution for many of the common problems faced during outbreaks including incompatible PPE, missing items and human error when putting on and removing PPE. The importance these factors has resulted in widespread use of GV Health PPE Packs during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, in many emergency rooms and at locations such as ports and airports worldwide.

Equipping IP teams with appropriate resources is a fundamental requirement to maintaining low levels of HAIs. GV Health's world leading expertise in infection prevention and control has meant it's systems and solutions are widely used by healthcare authorities to prevent and control HAIs. This includes some of the most challenging and demanding situations in the world, as well as ordinary hospitals and clinics. During the West African Ebola outbreak charities such as MSF and UNICEF, government health authorities, hospitals and clinics have relied on GV Health's specialized disinfectants, emergency response kits and PPE Packs to protect health workers and control infection.

The IPS annual conference and exhibition takes placc at ACC Liverpool from 28 - 30 September 2015. GV Health are located on stand 94.