GV Health unveils new oncology safety products at Arab Health 2017

GV Health is unveiling a new range of products addressing the fast growing area of oncology safety at Arab Health 2017. Specialist cytotoxic spill packs, kits and colour-coded waste bags printed with UN approved markings for cytotoxic waste will be shown.

Cytotoxic, cytostatic, chemotherapy and other medicines used for oncology and anti-cancer treatment require additional precautions to be taken during handling and in the event of spillages. In many locations specific safety regulations and/or guidelines apply covering the disposal of unused oncology and anti-cancer medicines and of any spillages suspected of containing these substances. Following global trends, concerns have grown among cancer treatment nurses and other healthcare professionals in the Middle East that this is an area where practices have not always kept pace with current research and understanding about the safety risks of handling and disposal of oncology treatment medicines.

The Saudi National Guard hospitals are among the regional leaders in raising awareness of this issue. GV Health have collaborated with senior oncology nursing experts at MNGHA hospitals. As a result, new neutralisers and new PPE tested specifically for handling cytotoxic substances have been developed and are now in use at Saudi National Guard hospitals.

Cytotoxic and chemotherapy drug spill and disposal products ensure safe and effective clean up and removal while providing protection for staff and patients who may otherwise be accidentally exposed to these medicines. Cytotoxic spill packs are a single use pack for rapid, safe removal of spillages of cytotoxic drugs in healthcare settings such as hospitals and clinics. Cytotoxic drug spill kits are multiple use kits used for drug spillages in non-healthcare settings including homecare, with its ability to clean up powder and liquid cytotoxic spills on hard surfaces. The satchel bag makes it easy for nurses to carry when performing outpatient visits. Both the pack and kit contain GV Health’s custom neutraliser specifically developed for treating cytotoxic spill instances.

An innovation leader in the field of infection prevention, emergency sanitation, water purification, healthcare waste disposal bags and spillage control, GV Health products are used in all countries in the Middle East.

GV Health will be exhibiting on stand CC55, Concourse 2, at Arab Health 2017, taking place at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from Monday, January 30 to Thursday, February 2. To learn more about our range of products for oncology safety click here.