Pre-Acceptance Waste Audits

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All healthcare waste producers have a Duty of Care to ensure that waste they produce, handle, treat, dispose and transport is done so safely. Under the Duty of Care, producers must provide the person who is collecting the waste with the required information to ensure they are authorised to accept and treat the waste. The Environment Agency has produced a guide for waste producers and contractors, EPR5 07 (v1.1) outlining the responsibilities for monitoring and controlling healthcare waste. Download a copy here.

When did audits become mandatory?

Regulations requiring organisations to have Pre-Acceptance Waste Audits came into effect progressively from July 2011. Smaller, low risk waste producers including community pharmacies, care and nursing homes were required to have audits from July 2013.

What happens if I don't have one?

The Environment Agency has identified that non-compliance with the pre-acceptance requirements by a waste producer is a breach of Duty of Care requirements and is reviewing compliance of sites against deadlines and quality of reports. Enforcement action may be taken for non-compliance and failure to provide pre-acceptance information to your waste contractor may result in an immediate stop on collections and disposal of your waste without warning.

What does an audit give me?

The pre-acceptance waste audit report you will receive meets the stringent requirements of S5 07 (v1.1)** and Safe Management Healthcare Waste (2012) and allows easy identification and prioritisation of actions required to address any areas of non-compliance.

Peace of mind

GV Health has over 20 years experience of clinical waste disposal. There's very little we don't know or haven't seen before. Our auditing partner have carried out numerous pre-acceptance audits for waste producers and contractors, including many NHS Trusts.

If you would like a quotation for us to conduct a pre-acceptance audit please download our Pre-Acceptance Audit fact finding form. If you have any questions on Pre-Acceptance Waste Audits you would like to ask a member of the team please contact us on 01920 463 098 or by email on