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Heavy duty clear and colour coded mattress bags for protection of new or freshly laundered mattresses prior to use and for the handling, storage and transportation of soiled and infected mattresses to laundry, treatment and incineration facilities. Bags fully enclose all standard mattress sizes. Once the mattress is inserted the end can be secured using the supplied cable ties or adhesive tape. Heat sealed end seams and low slip surface. Suitable for incineration. Available in yellow, orange and clear. Colour coded disposal bags are printed with UN approved markings required for clinical waste bags of this type and include a write on panel for adding tracking and tracing information.


GV Health's new Carriage in Bulk Mattress Bag is fully compliant with RID/ADR directives for the carriage of waste in bulk. Our bag has gone through strict PIRA testing to achieve this high standard in waste transportation, and is a result of our progressive manufacturing techniques. Each bag can hold up to 25kg and be transported safely without the need for rigid outer containers, which eliminates your extra costs. The new bag is available in yellow clinical for incineration and orange clinical for alternative treatment, and comes individually wrapped for simplified purchasing and storage. Like our other clinical mattress bags, it comes supplied with a cable tie for easy and safe closure.

Mattress Bags

Order CodeAvailabilityDescriptionSizeMax. Weight / UN ApprovedMicronVolumeClosurePacking DetailsPallet Details (boxes)
MVN561 Stock Item Clear Heavy Duty Unprinted 945 x 1160 x 2500mm
(37 x 46 x 98 inch)
- 100 - Gusset Box of 15 50
GVMBO made to order Orange Heavy Duty for Alternative Treatment 945 x 1160 x 2984mm
(37 x 46 x 117 inch)
UN Approved 14KG - - Gusset Box of 5 90
MVN003 Stock Item Yellow Heavy Duty for Incineration 945 x 1160 x 2984mm
(37 x 46 x 117 inch)
UN Approved 14KG - - Gusset Box of 5 90
GVTSMB Made to Order Tiger stripe bag for the disposal of mattresses single or double sided print 940 x 1169 x 2500mm
(37 x 46 x 98 inch)
  100   Gusset Box of 15 TBC
YRCP4614 COMING SOON! Stock Item Yellow Carriage in Bulk Mattress bag 940 x 1140 x 2500mm
(37 x 46 x 98 inch)
UN Approved 14KG 75   Gusset Box of 5 90