Confidence in your Waste Management



Confidence in your
waste management

The big point of difference between GV Health and other suppliers of waste bags is that we think like a user of bags not a manufacturer. Everything we’ve developed in 20 years of supplying the NHS and leading independent healthcare organisations is designed to give you – the user – confidence in your waste management.

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66We have been using GV Health waste bags for several years now and99
have been very pleased with the quality of their products and service.
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust


Confidence means...

You are using the right bags and waste stream for your needs. Your operation conforms to the latest regulations governing waste management. You have the best prices and lowest cost in use.

You have no quality or supply worries – the bags are fit for purpose and you will never run short.


Logistics will be hassle-free – bags will be delivered how and when you want to fit your operation.

We share your wider environmental and carbon footprint objectives and will help you achieve them.

66Very helpful people nothing too much trouble.99
Dave Vallance, South Devon Healthcare Trust


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Outstanding quality and
service assurance

We don’t compromise on quality – GV Health has ISO9001 quality assurance as do all our factories. All our bags meet UN and ADR specifications and are appropriate for use in the NHS. We know you can’t run out of bags – so we invest in stock and run a highly flexible and responsive delivery service.

66It is a pleasure working with GV Health.99
Anna Hallas, Compass Healthcare



Cost effective and
fit for purpose

GV Health's bags are designed for what you need to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Advanced manufacturing systems mean our bags are engineered to meet and exceed test requirements while being optimised to reduce raw material usage and cost.

The right bags means you can optimise waste streams and minimise downstream costs.

Supported by training, auditing, and accessories designed to make sure that waste goes into the intended stream.


66I introduced GV Health to this site based on the service and99
prices offered to me whilst working on a different site.
FM, London NHS Trust


Expertise training
and audit

GV Health will ensure that you are aware of any changes to regulations relating to waste and that you have access to bags which meet these regulations.

Audits for waste stream are supported by training, bin labels and wall charts to minimise downstream costs and penalties for non-conformance.

66Genuine polite staff and high quality products make GV Health99
a very easy choice for all our waste disposal Products.
Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust


Innovation and range

Our new product innovation starts with understanding your needs through the close contact we have maintained with users over 20 years.

We can develop new products quickly to meet particular needs.

Our global supply chain gives us the ability to respond rapidly to changing needs and offer one of the largest specialist polythene bag ranges in the world.


66GV Health are very customer focused. We are very99
pleased with every aspect of the service provided.

Paul Haslett, St Helier Hospital

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Environmental awareness
standard procedure

All our staff are trained in Environmental Awareness level 2 as standard procedure. Our policy is to use the maximum reground material consistent with quality. Working with customers to minimise incineration and explore alternative disposal options.


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