GV Health and the Environment

GV Health is committed to setting high environmental standards and to following an environmentally aware approach as a core part of our business strategy. We actively encourage our suppliers and customers to take a similar approach.

On-going Sustainability Programme

EnvironmentAt GV Health we are very aware of the impact our activities have on the environment and the impact our products have on the environment when used by customers.

We give a high priority to ensuring all our products are environmentally compatible as far as it is practically possible within the constraints of their intended use. We have an on-going programme to develop and introduce more environmentally sustainable products. This has resulted in the re-specification of many products to reduce environmental impact through the use of more recycled raw materials, to increase bio-degradability and reusability and to reduce the carbon used during manufacture and distribution.

We are committed to improving resource efficiency from energy, fuel and materials consumption, to minimising waste and to optimising environmental and sustainability practises throughout the organisation.

Working in Partnership

recycling-symbolWe recognise that our customers and suppliers have challenging targets for environmental impact and sustainability and are committed to helping them meet their their national and local targets wherever possible.

GV Health take environmental impact issues into account when our employees are working at client’s premises and seek to ensure they are fully briefed on their policies and procedures. We encourage our personnel to conform to customers' relevant environmental policies and procedures.

Developing Environmental Awareness

All GV Health managers, staff and associates undertake a nationally recognized intermediate level qualification in 'Developing Environmental Awareness'. This training offers managers, staff and associates a nationally recognised qualification in addition to Continuing Personal Development. Training also contributes towards the company in achieving its carbon reduction programme.

Training concentrates on key areas which impact on the environment including:

  • management of energy, waste, water use and transport
  • how to reduce the risk of pollution

All managers, staff and associates have completed this course and achieved the qualification standard. GV Health are keen to promote and progress all staff in training and development and to promote best practice in environmental awareness both in and out of the office and warehouse environment.

Learn more: To read, print or download our Environmental Policy document click here