Transforming Safety & Hygiene with End-to-End Solutions

end to end safety and hygiene GV Health

GV Health has announced a new end-to-end integrated approach to environmental hygiene, waste and safety solutions designed to deliver improved standards to public health and social care providers and to transform safety and hygiene.

With the increasingly complex range of environmental hygiene and safety requirements and the huge variations in settings where care is delivered it is now more than ever vital that public health and social care providers partner with an organisation with the appropriate levels of expertise, skill and experience. By taking a new integrated, end-to-end approach to hygiene and safety GV Health will empower health and care providers to successfully deliver best practice across all areas of their activities.

GV Health is uniquely placed as a solution provider. With over 25 years experience working with the NHS acute sector and with health authorities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, the company has pioneered developments in a number of areas, providing some of the most widely used and respected waste management, environmental hygiene and safety solutions in the world. SoChlor, GV Health's market leading environmental disinfectant played a huge part in halting the West Africa Ebola outbreak. Used by the major aid agencies and by government health authorities in every country affected by the outbreak, the company won a prestigious Africa Healthcare award for its work in this area.

The end-to-end hygiene and safety approach addresses four key areas where leading public health and social care providers are seeking transformation. These are the management of waste, in particular infectious waste, to reduce environmental impact and increase safety; environmental hygiene, decontamination and equipment sterilisation, to create cleaner, safer service delivery environments; effective and timely response to emergency spillages of infectious biohazards and other substances including cytotoxins and chemicals to provide higher levels of protection for patients, staff and the public; and the need to provide better personal protective equipment and tools for care givers to reduce risk and improve patient safety.

By integrating these areas to a single end-to-end solution hygiene takes a central place throughout the activity range of each organisation, leading to improved efficiency, greater control and better care outcomes.