Biocide Absorbent Granules (Biohazard / Urine & Vomit)

Biocide Absorbent Granules

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GVAG250 - Biocide Absorbent Granules, 250g

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Urine & Vomit Spill Containment & Prevention; Bedpans

Biocide high absorbency granules are designed for spill containment and removal of biohazards such as urine and vomit with a high absorbency to mass ratio. Each shaker contains 250g of granules which is capable of absorbing up to 17 litres of liquid. The active ingredient is Triclosan, an organic anti-bacterial agent approved for use on acidic spills. In addition to spill containment and removal, granules can be used to ensure safe transportation of liquid clinical waste. Biocide Granules are ideal for use with bedpans, vomit bowls and urine bottles. Biocide Granules are suitable for use on hard and soft surfaces in all areas. Granules are also mildly perfumed to help neutralise unpleasant odours.

Scoops & Scrapers

Paper towels are insufficiently absorbent for all but the smallest spills and offer little protection against potential hazards such as broken glass or hypodermic syringes. Scoops and scrapers are essential for spillages involving broken glass, hypodermic needles or other sharp objects. Scoops allow nursing staff to safely clear hazardous items and material. 

Biocide Absorbent Granules hold the NHS Supply Chain contract for urine and vomit spill clear up. Used throughout the NHS in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, laboratories and ambulances; dental and veterinary practices; nursing and care homes, schools, offices, businesses, ships, aircraft etc. Safe for use by non-specialist staff and first aiders.

Key Features

  • Ultra high absorption - 250g of granules absorbs up to 17 litres of liquid
  • Contains Triclosan anti-bacterial agent
  • Inert and non-toxic
  • Prevents spreading
  • No vapours given off on contact with spill
  • Mildly perfumed


Absorbs body fluids and converts them to a firm non-spill gel. For use on urine, vomit, faeces, saliva and sputum.

  • An absorbent powder for the prevention of spillages
  • Ideal for use with bedpans, vomit bowls and urine bottles
  • Assists safe transportation of liquid clinical waste.


GV Health spill kits meet the highest efficacy and personal protection standards specified by the World Health Organisation, the UK Health and Safety Executive, UK Department of Health and CDC.

Certified to the following test standards: BS:EN1650, BS:EN1276, BS:EN13624, BS:EN13727, BS:EN13697

Active ingredient: Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC); Triclosan