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SP023U - Sterasep™ Surface Powder Sachet, 25g, 400 Sachets
SP056U - Sterasep™ Surface Powder Sachet, 50g, 500 Sachets

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Peracetic Acid and Active Oxygen

Sterasep™ Surface is a water-soluble granulate for cleaning and high level disinfection of medical equipment and non-invasive medical devices. Based on active oxygen and peracetic acid, it covers a wide spectrum in microbiological activity with fast contact times as well as combining highly effective cleaning and material preserving properties. Fully effective against bacteria, spores (incl . MRSA , TB) , yeasts, moulds and viruses. Sterasep provides high level disinfection on all washable surfaces in high-risk areas and excellent cleaning performance.

The solution of Sterasep Surface is odourless and removes bloody and oily residues reliably. The product has an excellent material compatibility and has been tested and approved by NORA Systems®, one of the leading manufacturers of professional hospital floors, for the application with Noraplan® and Norament® floorings made of natural rubber.


Sterasep Surface is designed for rapid disinfection of alcohol resistant noninvasive medical devices and medical equipment. It is also suitable for all surfaces of various materials in many other fields such as the food production industry or food preparation in hotels and residential settings as well as for laboratory equipment.

Microbiological activity

  • Bactericidal (incl. MRSA)
  • Yeasticidal and fungicidal (EN13624, EN13727, EN13697)
  • Virucidal (HBV, HCV, HIV, Vaccinia, Adeno, Polyoma, Polio, Herpes, Influenza/H1N1/H5N1; DVV/RKI/EN14476)
  • Mycobactericidal (EN14348, EN13697)
  • Sporicidal (EN13704)
  • With high organic load: 15 min
  • Polio and spores 30 min

Environmental Data

Biodegradable according to EC Regulation 648/2004 on Detergents.