Infection Control from GV Health

GV Health professional infection control products help front line organisations to protect healthcare environments, reduce emergency response times, minimise risk and improve hygiene and safety. Our products are widely used in

  • NHS and independent hospitals, clinics, surgeries and laboratories
  • ambulances and patient transport vehicles
  • dental and veterinary practices
  • nursing and care homes
  • schools, offices, businesses
  • transportation - ships, aircraft, trains

GV Health professional infection control kits and packs include appropriate cleaning tools, PPE, neutralising chemical agents, disinfectants, easy to follow instructions and storage cases and are safe for use by non-specialist staff and first aiders. Individual healthcare disinfectant products are provided with full instructions and are for use by suitably trained medical, nursing and non-medical care and domestic staff.

Fully Certified - Used in the NHS

GV Health professional infection control products are fully certified to World Health Organisation, UK Health and Safety Executive and UK Department of Health standards. GV Health is the main supplier of professional infection control products to the NHS in the UK. Our product range has been developed in conjunction with leading NHS infection prevention experts.

Training and Support

To maximise the benefits of advanced healthcare hygiene and cleaning products it is important to ensure staff are fully trained. GV Health provide training in healthcare environmental disinfection, patient safety and hygiene processes.

Continuous Development

SoChlor™ is the most advanced chlorine based healthcare cleaning product available in the UK today. It has been formulated to overcome many of the disadvantages associated with older chlorine based healthcare disinfectants including strong odours, streaky residues and surface degradation. SoChlor™ is used across our range of kits and packs.

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