PPE & Emergency Response Kits

High level infectious outbreaks including SARS, Avian Influenza and Ebola place special demands on a wide range of organisations including emergency services and military, NGOs, transportation networks, airports, ports and emergency healthcare responders. Our emergency response and emergency PPE packs and kits provide easy to use, fully specified incident response solutions.

Packs and kits are designed to be kept at high risk locations where they can be accessed and used by staff in an emergency when confronted with potentially infectious incidents. Emergency response kits are visible, durable, portable and cost effective. Refills are available for all items.

Why are PPE Kits/Packs better than buying PPE separately?

  • correct PPE - kit format ensures that the correct grade/specification of personal protective equipment such as mask/respirator, goggles and coverall will be used in the event of an infectious outbreak.
  • putting on PPE procedure - clear illustrated instructions in the kits ensure users with minimum or no training can put on PPE correctly and ensure maximum protection.
  • removal of PPE procedure: - one of the most crucial and overlooked aspects in the use of PPE, is removal. Without training PPE is often removed incorrectly and can contaminate the user. PPE kits come with clear illustrated instructions compliant with the latest CDC and WHO guidelines to ensure the user does not contaminate themselves during PPE removal.

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We can also supply PPE protective clothing and masks for bulk purchase and pack/kit refills - click here to view our range.