SoChlor NaDCC Granules

SoChlor NaDCC Disinfectant Granules mfb252
SoChlor NaDCC Disinfectant Granules mfb252
SoChlor NaDCC Disinfectant Granules mfb252
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Product details

MFB252 - SoChlor™ NaDCC Granules, 25Kg Bucket
MFB253 - SoChlor™ NaDCC Granules, 500g Shaker
SSGV100 - Scoop/Scraper

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Biohazard & Blood Stained Spills

SoChlor 50% NaDCC Granules are designed to absorb, contain and disinfect hazardous spills on contact, to ensure safe removal. Disinfection on contact reduces risk of cross contamination or spread of infection during removal.

  • Fast acting SoChlor™ NaDCC Chlorine releasing granules neutralise and absorb spillages
  • Chlorine based disinfectant released on contact
  • Neutralises pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses) including TB
  • Prevents spreading and cross contamination
  • Using GV Health scoops and scrapers protects against hidden sharps and broken glass in spills

In the past biohazard spill such as blood have typically been treated with liquid disinfectants such as hypochlorite (bleach) before being mopped up with paper towels. The risk with this approach is that it fails to contain the initial spillage and risks further spreading infection. SoChlor™ NaDCC Granules are specifically designed for use on biohazard / blood spillages. Fast acting granules absorb the liquid so it can be safely contained, collected and disposed of while releasing a powerful disinfectant which kills pathogens in the spillage. GV scoop and scraper enable the spillage to be safely collected and disposed of, while keeping staff clear of sharps, broken glass and other hazardous items which may be mixed in the spillage.

GV Health SoChlor NaDCC Granules hold the NHS Supply Chain contract for blood spill cleaning. Used throughout the NHS in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, laboratories and ambulances; dental and veterinary practices; nursing and care homes, schools, offices, businesses, ships, aircraft etc. Safe for use by non-specialist staff and first aiders.


SoChlor NaDCC Granules are approved for use on the following spillages
Amniotic fluid
Breast milk
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
Pericardial fluid
Peritoneal fluid
Pleural fluid
Synovial fluid
Unfixed tissues/organs
Vaginal secretions


Order CodeDescriptionQuantity
MFB252 SoChlor™ NaDCC Granules 25kg Bucket 40 buckets per pallet
MFB253 SoChlor™ NaDCC Granules 500g Shaker 12 per case
SSGV100 Scoop / Scraper Each 1 x box (100 Units)


Conforms to UK Department of Health and WHO guidelines for safe disinfection and clean up of blood spills. 

Active ingredient: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate / Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC)

Certified with the following test standards: BS:EN1650, BS:EN1276 & BS:EN13697