Paper Bags

paper waste bags

GV Health are a market leading independent manufacturer of waste bags and infection control. We provide best in class products and pride ourselves on the continuous support we give our customers.

We ensure our products are fit for purpose, top quality and a competitive price to be able to provide significant savings. We manufacture in house, have expertise in developing legislation and invest in research & development.



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Made from strong brown kraft paper with serrated edge top opening and sewn bottom for maximum strength and durability.


Used for disposal of broken glass and other non-infectious sharp items including:

  • Used disposable instruments
  • Dessings
  • Used aerosols
  • Other items where the use of plastic bags is not appropriate.

Non-glass or infectious sharp items or where the use of plastic bags is appropriate.

We don’t just supply goods we offer great support for our customers:
  • Dedicated account manager consulting on; best products, waste stream compliance, price and volume discount
  • Regular site visits and updates to changes on waste streams and new products to market
  • We work to offer savings to customers over other suppliers
  • We can manufacture bags to customer specifications (MOQ Applies)
  • We invest in stock to ensure continuity of supply so we deliver when we say we will
  • We also listen to our customers and improve our products based on their needs and requirements
Part of our Polycare Range
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  • The most advanced polythene and blend technology
  • Best in quality and innovation
  • Cost effective & price savings
  • Fully certified
  • Environmentally & sustainably forward thinking with optimised raw material use including; biodegradable, degradable and use of recycled and recyclable materials for manufacture and packaging

Paper Bags

Order CodeAvailabilityDescriptionSizeMax. Weight / UN ApprovedMicronVolumeClosurePacking DetailsPallet Details (boxes)
PAP39 Made to Order Large Brown Paper Bag 2 Ply 254 x 229 x 990mm
(10 x 9 x 39 inch) 2 Ply
- - 90 litres Gusset Pack of 50  
PAP242 Stock Item Small Brown Paper Bag 2 Ply 279 x 76 x 610mm
(11 x 3 x 24 inch) 2 Ply
- - 30 litres Gusset Pack of 100 50
PMP Stock Item Large Brown Paper Bag 3 Ply 406 x 229 x 838mm
(16 x 9 x 33 inch) 3 Ply
- - 50 litres Gusset Pack of 50 30
PAPLP Made to Order Large Brown Paper Bag 4 Ply 460 x 100 x 915mm
(18 x 4 x 36 inch) 4 ply
- - 90 litres Gusset Pack of 50  
PS3 569012 Stock Item Large Brown Paper Bag 3 Ply 560 x 120 x 905mm
(22 x 5 x 35 inch) 3 Ply
- - 90 litres Gusset Pack of 50