Bag & Apron Dispensers

Wall Mounted Bag Dispensers

GV Health wall mounted bag dispensers are a clean, hygenic system for dispensing all types of clinical and non-clinical waste bags on the ward or clinic. Wall mounted bag holders reduce clutter and keep surfaces clear, making them easier to clean and more hygenic. Mounted at eye level, dispensers are clearly visible to ward staff, more accessible and have been shown to reduce time as individual bags are dispensed with a simple pull. The unique open sides make it easy to see when bag stocks are getting low and arrange for replenishments.

Wall mounted waste bag dispensers enable use of the Bag-to-Bed™ system. With Bag-to-Bed™, taped on locker bags which leave residue and increase the risk of cross contamination are eliminated. This reduces the number of bins on wards, making cleaning easier and faster. Wards following this practice should also have fewer rolls and boxes left in exposed locations resulting in tidier ward areas. Holders themselves are strong, lightweight and finished with a hygenic, durable white coating.

Supplied with fittings, when correctly mounted dispensers can be easily lifted off the wall for cleaning without the need for tools. Packed individually. Suitable for use with all standard types of rolled bags.

Bag & Apron Dispensers

Order CodeDescriptionSizeOptionsMinimum Order Quantity
BAG-160-1 Bag Dispenser White Gloss 12.5cm x 15cm x 16cm PVC with wall fixing kit + GV label - Each
  PVC Apron Dispenser White 14cm x 36cm x 20cm PVC with wall fixing kit + GV label - Each