SoChlor TAB Disinfectant Tablets

SoChlor TAB Disinfectant Tablets

Product details

MFB694 - SoChlor™ TAB tablets 4.5g
MFB255 - SoChlor™ TAB tablets 2.5g
MFB637 - SoChlor™ TAB tablets 2.5g
MFB254 - SoChlor™ TAB tablets 1.7g
MFB295 - SoChlor™ TAB tablets 0.5g
MFB257 - SoChlor™ Diluter 1 Litre
MFB258 - SoChlor™ Diluter 2 Litre

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Disinfection & Decontamination

SoChlor™ TAB chlorine release tablets (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate / Troclosene Sodium) are used to deliver the correct and exact strength chlorine solutions for disinfection of blood spills and surfaces in high risk areas. Because the chlorine based solution is made up on-the-spot as required there are no transportation, storage or contamination issues normally associated with hazardous and naturally unstable hypochlorite solutions. Chlorine tablets are stable, compact and easy to store for longer periods until required.

  • Chlorine is the chemical recommended by healthcare organisations around the world to disinfect surfaces after blood spills have occurred and for general environment disinfection.
  • Enables users to create a disinfectant solution with a specific concentration of chlorine.
  • The tablet format is stable and easier to store and transport than liquid disinfectant solutions.
  • Effective against a wide range of pathogens and other infectious agents.

Healthcare Applications

Biohazard Disinfection

Diluted to 10,000 ppm* SoChlor TAB Chlorine release tablets are suitable for use on surfaces where blood or blood stained spills have occurred.

Environmental & Surface Disinfection

Diluted to a minimum 1,000 ppm* SoChlor TAB is an effective environment cleaning solution for general disinfection of wards, clinics, theatres, etc.

Instruments & Equipment

Stainless steel instruments - diluted to 600 ppm. Laboratory discard jars - diluted to 2,500 ppm*


* ppm = parts per million


Order CodeDescriptionAvailable NaDCC/Chlorine per tabletQuantity
MFB694 SoChlor™ TAB 4.5g/2.5g 100 Tablets per pot/ 6x pots per case
MFB255 SoChlor™ TAB 2.5g/1.5g 100 Tablets per pot/ 6x pots per case
MFB637 SoChlor™ TAB 2.5g/1.5g 200 Tablets per pot/ 6x pots per case
MFB254 SoChlor™ TAB 1.7g/1.02g 200 Tablets per pot/ 6x pots per case
MFB295 SoChlor™ TAB 0.5g> 80 Tablets per box (10 x foil strips of 8 tablets)
MFB257 SoChlor™ 1 litre Diluter 1 litre diluter bottle with lid for use with MFB255, MFB637, MFB254
MFB258 SoChlor™ 2 litre Diluter 2 litre diluter bottle with lid for use with MFB255, MFB637, MFB254


Conforms to the UK Department of Health, HPA and WHO guidelines for use on organic matter such as blood and other body fluids.

Active ingredient: Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate / Troclosene Sodium (NaDCC)

Certified with the following test standards: BS:EN1650; BS:EN13704; BS:EN1276 (EN13727); BS:EN14476 (Adenovirus); BS:EN14476 (Poliovirus); BS:EN14476 (Norovirus); BS:EN14348; BS:EN13624; BS:EN13727; BS:EN13697. Effective against: Fungal, Bacterial & Sporicidal Activity.